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Hey! My name is Lhoycel Marie Teope. I get a lot of questions on how to pronounce my name so here's how to: (phonetically pronounced like Lloyd without the d  + cell). I'm a freelance photographer based in Orange County, CA. My work consists of portrait and music photography. My photographs are stylized around color, contrast, and experimental techniques. During my free time I enjoy rock climbing and traveling. My work has been featured in various online publications and published in print. Most notable collaboration are with Local Wolves Magazine, Youtubers, Armors, Hug Life, etc.

BFA in Art Photography - California State Long Beach, Long Beach, CA

Underground Sparks Magazine - September  2015 

Vogue Italia [PhotoVogue Website] - (http://www.vogue.it/en/photovogue/portfolio/?id=81389)
Local Wolves Magazine (www.localwolves.com)
All Things Trend [November 2015 - Remi Cruz Cover] - (http://allthingstrend.org/products/november-issue-digital)
Snapshot Symphony Productions (www.snapshotsymphony.tumblr.com)
Buzznet.com - Photo Blog Of The Day [July 16, 2013] (http://rich.buzznet.com/user/links/3164008/photo-blog-day-lhoycel-marie/)
OC Art Walk [May 11, 2013] (www.ocartwalk.com)
2012 Orange County Fair Photography Exhibit
The Newport Beach Film Festival 2012 - Asian Showcase
The Wall Literary Journal 2014 Print and Online (http://www.saddleback.edu/uploads/la/digital_version_of_wall_pdf_2.pdf)
Saddleback College Newspaper The Lariat [October/November 2011] (www.lariatnews.com)
The Digital Visual - Week in Reader Photos (Numerous Months 2011/2012) (www.thedigitalvisual.com)
Techie Geekiness Apparel (www.techiegeekiness.com)
Amoris et Lux (http://amorisetlux.net)
Hug Life - (https://www.instagram.com/huglifeicecream/

Portrait (Right) - Photo Credit: Aimee Curameng